The Ruthless Kings Replacement Queen


The Ruthless Kings Replacement Queen

Length: 13hrs 47mins 64 episodesCompleted
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King Xavier IV is self obsessed who loves nothing other than power and wealth. He views all people beneath him, and only those that serve a purpose to his status are able to enter is world. The king is famous throughout his kingdom as being heartless and ruthless, along with the knowledge of his harem which houses over 100 concubines for his personal pleasure. His Queen, Valarie was a beauty, but she rejects the Kings request an audience which leads to her death, and the King is in search of a replacement Queen, to be chosen from the beautiful virgins from within his kingdom. Esperanza is a young 18 year old orphan, who was taken in by her kindly Uncle. Known for her beauty, despite her lack of womanly curves, the sweet innocent girl is grateful to her Uncle Morton who took her in as a child and raised her as his own daughter. One day Esperanza's world crashes around her feet when Morton commands her to leave their small village and present herself at the Palace gates with other females in a bid to become the Replacement Queen. This book is inspired by The book of Ester in the bible.


  • love after marriage
  • arranged marriage
  • sensitive
  • self-improved
  • queen
  • drama
  • bxg
  • medieval
  • royal
  • poor to rich
  • Romance


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