Two Worlds; The Collision


Two Worlds; The Collision

Length: 21hrs 33mins 113 episodesCompleted
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Book 4 of the Kingdom Series Status: Complete *Dreame Love Story Applicant* Sage had always lived his life by a code. He’d always be there for Falyn, his little sister, and he’d always protect her, no matter what. Growing up best friends with an Assassin wasn’t easy for the next heir of the Dragon Kingdom, especially since all Sage secretly wanted was to be out having adventures with the others, instead of being stuck in the kingdom. Sage grew up shoving his longings down inside him, doing his best to please his parents, knowing that there was no choice but to be what they wanted him to be. Until Sage turned twenty, and everything came crashing down. A villain from another dimension came into his world, leaving it in confusion and havoc. Not only did Amari leave behind bodies in her wake, but she partnered up with another evil. They abducted his sister right from under Sage’s nose. Determined to save Falyn, he used his element and grabbed someone from Amari’s kingdom, hoping for someone who can help him fight the evil that came from their dimension. What Sage didn’t expect was Him. Rhys grew up surrounded by love, raised not just by his parents, but by those in the pack around them as well. Rhys was just a baby when Amari ran amok in his world, and there wasn’t very much he knew about her despite stories. However, once he got pulled through to the other dimension, there was no turning back. Despite a good life; he was bored; Rhys dreamed he could live in the adventure his parents had lived in once before. In spite of his confusion and the stark differences of their cultures, Rhys goes along with what Sage wants, willing to help him hunt down evil and save his sister from their clutches. Quick-witted and resourceful, Rhys faced life undaunted, which astounds Sage, who learns that underneath the easygoing, happy-go-lucky stranger, Rhys was not that different from him.


  • Fantasy
  • adventure
  • opposites attract
  • royalty/noble
  • drama
  • humorous
  • another world
  • slow burn
  • dragons
  • mxm
  • passionate


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