Grace and Mercy


Grace and Mercy

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In this powerful, thought-provoking tale written by a young author who realistically relates the characters’ youthful voices and perspectives, a woman caught in an abusive relationship must find the strength to leave the only man whom she believes truly loves her.Kenda Tyson has lived a pretty wonderful life. Her parents are lawyers who own their own firm, and they provide their seventeen-year-old daughter with only the finest. Kenda has come to expect that the men in her life will continue to offer her that same level of luxury, and when she meets the good-looking, smooth-talking Jerome Smith, she’s sure she’s hit the jackpot. Her perspective quickly changes, however, when she finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of love, lies, and abuse.The first time she has to examine a bruise on her face, Kenda allows herself to believe that it was a mistake Jerome will never make again. Her friends try to convince Kenda that being with Jerome is not what’s best for her, but when she refuses to listen to them, they walk away, hoping that God will hear their prayers and protect Kenda’s life. When Kenda decides that her relationship with Jerome is more important than her friendships and her family, will she realize how much she is giving up before it’s too late?


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