Found You


Found You

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"You are getting married to Dirk Bennett, and you will have to stay married to him for two years, I don't care if you like it or not," these words were the beginning of torture for Charlotte, she had to get married to a stranger. Charlotte, a lady in her early twenties who consider herself as a disappointment to her family was sold off in a contract married for two years. Although, her parents were aware that she was in love with her childhood playmate, all they wanted was for her to get married to the billionaire's son. Charlotte got married to Dirk Bennett, who is also a billionaire himself, he has lots of properties to his name. Dirk was named the most eligible bachelor in New York City, he his every girl's dream man. Dirk was also in love with someone else but he had to accept to the contract marriage on some terms. Dirk promised himself to make life a living hell for her so she would call off the marriage, but Charlotte was ready to push and keep up with the marriage till the last day on the contract. How long can Charlotte keep up with Dirk's torture? Found You is a book filled with mysteries, emotions and of course Romance.


  • twisted
  • abuse
  • first love
  • virgin
  • Romance


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