My Human Mate: Amber Eyes Series 3


My Human Mate: Amber Eyes Series 3

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{This is the third book of the series Amber eyes. I recommend you read the first two so you don’t feel lost.} In the third book, you will read about Sasha. May's half-sister. -Sasha POV- “Keep running Christian!” I shout. I look back as we run and see those big red eyes in the distance following us. We run as fast as we can but we can hear it getting closer. “Sasha! Get behind me!” Christian shouts. He stops and turns around and I quickly do as he says knowing what he is about to do. His blue eyes light up and glow an electric bright blue. He lifts his hands up as the beast gets closer. . Christian focuses on the beast and blue fire ignites on its fur. The beast yelps and whines in pain, violently shaking around erratically trying to put the fire out but then it collapses. I feel relief and then quickly hold Christian knowing that he is going to collapse in exhaustion like he always does when he uses his powers. He slops down and loses consciousness. I carefully put him down and get closer to the burning carcass of the beast. It is big, very big. I sigh. “How can there be more? How is that even possible?” I sigh again and go to Christian. I pick him up. “Goddess! He is heavy.” I grunt out. He’s only thirteen but he is bigger than most kids his age. Gaia, my wolf, growls at me unapprovingly. “If you’d train a bit more, maybe we wouldn’t be this weak.” I roll my eyes. I start to walk with Christian on my back, holding his arms around my neck. “Uh, maybe we could shift and you could carry him?” I ask Gaia. She doesn’t say anything. I swear I could feel her giving me the middle finger if she had any. She is feisty and demanding. I suck it up and keep walking. Hopefully, we'll get back to the packhouse before we encounter another horrible beast. After a few minutes, I catch that nasty scent again and can hear growling in the distance. I sigh. "But of course I am not that lucky."


  • Y&A Teenfiction
  • sex
  • family
  • shifter
  • mate
  • bxg
  • humorous
  • werewolves
  • small town
  • special ability


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