That jerk is my husband (Jerk Lover Series #2)


That jerk is my husband (Jerk Lover Series #2)

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This book is the sequel of ´The jerk next door´ so please start with that one, if you didn´t read it yet. Mia and Ryan´s relationship arrived to a barrier again when Mia found Ryan in an ambiguous situation with a girl in the girl´s dorm room and without listening to Ryan´s explanation Mia ran away from there. Because of this and Ryan´s strange behavior lately ,she decided to travel for a few days to think about their situation with a clear mind, but her plan didn´t succeed because of an accident and she fell into a coma. Will be Mia fine and their baby as well? Is their marriage will be strong enough to survive if Ryan really cheated on Mia? Will their bad luck end there or what else is there to come? Follow them and find out.


  • ChickLit
  • stalker
  • possessive
  • sex
  • family
  • escape while being pregnant
  • student
  • bxg
  • cheating
  • school


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