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As I entered the room, it looked like a conference room. I hesitantly spoke to no one in particular. “Hellow? Is anyone there?” I didn’t expect any reply. “Welcome babygirl. You are at the right place” I drop dead at that moment. I just wanted to disappear from there. Oh God! Why now? “I-I’m sorry. I was asked t-to report at 8 and the reception lady asked me to meet Mrs. Marshall on this f-floor” Shock would not be enough to describe my state. I was terrified, anxious, guilty and most of all mesmerized. Andrew Mathew, 27, one of Asia’s popular Billionaire. He was known for his playboy attitude, success and charm. Girls would die to get a look from him. He likes everything in his control and would not take a “no” for anything. Naomi Johnson, 22, preparing for her graduation. She just wants to chase her dreams and make her parents proud of her. She has struggle a lot to complete her graduation and would not stop at anything. Not until she meets Andrew who turns her life upside down. Andrew wants her and would never stop till he gets what he craved for. Will Naomi resist the charm of this successful billionaire?


  • billionaire
  • opposites attract
  • playboy
  • goodgirl
  • drama
  • twisted
  • bxg
  • female lead
  • offifice/work place
  • lies
  • love at the first sight
  • Romance


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