Vampire King's Second Chance


Vampire King's Second Chance

Length: 11hrs 15mins 74 episodesCompleted
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He stood there, all tall and mighty, fooling the world around him into thinking he was different. That he didn't feel pain and didn't shred tears, that he was invincible to every poision nature had to offer. But his pain filled eyes screamed out loud, asking for a company that could pull him out of the endless abyss of loneliness. So I stepped forward, I took the risk so he wouldn't have to give up his only remaining treasure; his life. Because that's was the right thing to do. --------------------------------------------------------- King Zavian was the crowned Vampire King of the kingdom of Tarnan in the supernatural world. His endless life was a burden on him since th day his mate was killed by his enemies in an attack. He never got to know her, he never got to love her, but the thought that he would have to live alone for the rest of his immortal life was enough to threaten his sanity. But he held on to his responsibilities, he held on until he couldn't anymore. And just as he was ready to give up, he found a reason to live again. ********************* Davina Taylor was nothing special as the daughter of a farmer in an unknown village in Tarnan. She was a regular mortal as were half of the kingdom where vampires and humans lived in harmony. She grew up learning, listening and dreaming about the king that ruled over them. Her only wish was to see him once. Her wish came true in the most unusual manner. When she stood in the presence of the admirable King, she offered to be his Queen.


  • Fantasy
  • love after marriage
  • second chance
  • kickass heroine
  • king
  • queen
  • lighthearted
  • straight
  • vampire
  • supernature earth
  • passionate


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