HER GRACE... (king of Alphas)


HER GRACE... (king of Alphas)

Length: 23hrs 28mins 114 episodesCompleted
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I felt my entire world crumble under me. An omega? Can they even call me one? At the very least, I am only a lowly taboo. This can't be happening to me; I mumbled under my breath as I could feel tears trickling down my face. This pacl does not give omegas fair treatment or care, and I know I am one. But I was even lower than omegas and I knew the pack members wouldn't hesitate to point that out to me... ------------------------------------------ From being the pack runt, and without wolf Allison is traded as a peace treaty to the Alpha of Black Blood pack to keep their pack safe from the anger of the largest and strongest pack in the state. Allison loses every hope she had in finding her mate after the announcement of her sudden betrothal but fate decides to play a trick on her. Her new Alpha is her mate but something he doesn't want her nor acknowledge her as his Luna but one of mistake, pain and regrets throws Allison back in the woods. Homeless without a pack or family only her best friend Jared. Will Allison survive alone without a mate or pack? Or will her come back for her? Follow me as we uncover the journey of Allison, an outcast without a world thrown into a world where she has to defend herself.


  • alpha
  • second chance
  • kickass heroine
  • powerful
  • omega
  • king
  • werewolves
  • campus
  • royal
  • rejected
  • Romance


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