Saved By The Firefighter


Saved By The Firefighter

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Following the lives and loves of the fire fighters of a busy fire station in Sunderland, the north east of England, the book embarks on three love stories. Ben Bishop - The gentle giant of a man, who is haunted by a fire and rescue that went wrong. Suffering from PTSD, Ben only wants to return to work. That is until he is called to yet another house fire, and finds himself drawn to the young woman who he saved. Lucy Dixon - The 24 year old, carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. After her parents untimely death, she brought up her younger brother, during his troubled teenage years. Finally she starts to build a life, until the day her home burst into flames. Left with nothing, things go from bad to worse, when she also loses her job. Despite everything, she is determined to get back on her feet, but every night she dreams, not of the fire, but of the man who rescued her. Davey Brennan - The 32 year old, who went grey at the age of 19, is a no nonscience type of man, not interested in kids, finding them to be annoying. That is until he arrives at a park where a young boy has his head stuck in the railings, and is the son of his school girlfriend. The one who got away. Kathline Brown - The fiery redhead, who is a solicitor by day and a single mum the rest of the time. Bringing up her 6 year old boy Andy all alone. Kathline makes it work, but has no time for romance, until her first boyfriend Davey arrives to rescue her son from being trapped in the railings. Josie Edwards - The blonde bombshell, is kind and welcoming to everyone, the only female crew member on "Red Watch." She is loved by everyone, but although she is kindness personified, her passion for her work comes first. Her pet hate is those who disregard fire safety, so when she meets the sexy CEO of a company who disregards the fire laws, the mild mannered beautiful girl turns feisty and is determined not to let him get under her skin. Anders Maxwell - The 29 year old CEO is a self made man, arrogant and proud. Desperate to have the building he is renting for his new business venture gain it's fire certificate, he butts heads with the gorgeous firefighter. Not used to women resisting him, he finds himself in the unusual position of wanting to know this girl, to break her resolve to have nothing to do with him. His thoughts are plagued with her, unable to get her out of his head, can he change his ways, for a chance with the woman who is driving him all kinds of crazy.


  • arrogant
  • kickass heroine
  • firefighter
  • drama
  • humorous
  • realistic earth
  • enimies to lovers
  • first love
  • weak to strong
  • musclebear
  • Romance


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