Forced Commitment


Forced Commitment

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"Hmmm." He grunted. "You should have kept these away from me." His hands gripping both of my breasts tested their weight. The hunger in his eyes was blazing. He couldn't take his eyes from them as his fingers swirled around my nipples. "You are beautiful." He grabbed my breasts again squeezing them together firmly. "These are stunning." "Lyle." I whispered simply because he was all I could think of, his words, hands and presence were overwhelming. "You want me sweetheart?" "Yes" I nearly screamed as the need doubled inside of me. He sucked my nipple into his warm mouth, his sweet torture bringing a cry from my lips. The other nipple was soon given the same blissful attention. I could have screamed when he lifted his mouth away. "There is no going back now, especially since I have seen these." He kissed both of my breasts kneeling in front of my body, his huge erection bobbing between his legs. I bit my lip at the sight. Arabella married Lyle Armel in payment for her father's debt. The only information she has of the man is his reputation. She soon learns that this marriage wasn't going to be as simple as she thought, not when Lyle is powerfully overwhelming, dangerously enticing, and temptingly sinful When the lines get blurred and the heat rises who knows what could happen?


  • Steamy Stories
  • forced
  • arranged marriage
  • arrogant
  • dominant
  • badboy
  • gangster
  • realistic earth
  • enimies to lovers


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