His One and Only Mate


His One and Only Mate

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**COMPLETED** THIS IS BOOK 2! -Alina- I knew from a young age that I was destined for Caden, and he for me. Call it instinct or intuition, but both halves of my Enchanted self felt the pull each time we looked into each others’ eyes, but that didn’t mean he wanted me. I knew I wasn’t built for rejection, so I took destiny into my own hands, and did something that will forever change my life. Sadly, it didn’t change my heart. * -Caden- She was my main happiness in life, but once reality hit me in the face during my first shift, I had to rethink everything, and made decisions that affected both of us. Me being ready for Alina couldn’t have come at a worse time. Things certainly have changed, and problems begin to arise that threaten our world. She’s getting too close to the danger, but not having her in my life anymore isn’t an option. * * Join Alina and Caden on their journey of maturity and love, of mistakes and forgiveness. And not to mention, saving the realm in the process.


  • Fantasy
  • fated
  • witch/wizard
  • werewolves
  • royal
  • magical world
  • coming of age
  • first love


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