Human Hybrid's Twin Mates


Human Hybrid's Twin Mates

Length: 24hrs 42mins 98 episodesCompleted
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《Hybrid Twin Trilogy (Book 1)》 (Completed):- In the world of supernaturals, there's a girl born out of the first werewolf and human mate's. According to legends she was supposed to be the most powerful werewolf queen of this century. But unfortunately she turns out to be a human instead of the werewolf. By the moon goddesses blessings she has the ability to choose anyone as her mate by herself. But the bless turns into a curse when she came into the age to find her destined mate. What will happen when she finds out that she has Twin alphas for mate? And what will happen when she realises that they are forced to stay with her but not as mates? Will she be able to bare the rejection? Will she finally become the Queen she's born for? Join the unforgettable journey for peace with her.. +++++++++ When the figure, the sounds were coming from, came in front of me, I was mesmerized. I have never seen more beautiful girl than her before. Her skin was bright like the moon, her hair was dark like the night and her eyes were shining like stars. She looked like, she was representing the moon goddess herself. The moment I saw her, my wolf started screaming — “mate, mate.” I was happy to finally find my mate until the alpha introduced her. “Alphas, this is my daughter Cassia.” My happiness broke in a second. She is the daughter of the alpha. She is the human we came here for. We have a human as our mate. I looked at Ethan and his expression was the same as me. That means he found out about her too.


  • Y&A Teenfiction
  • revenge
  • fated
  • shifter
  • kickass heroine
  • queen
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • magical world
  • supernature earth
  • rejected


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