The Beast Found His Love


The Beast Found His Love

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Bella Knight is 18 year old girl. Her parents died when she was young and was brought up in an orphanage till she turned 18. she had worked hard saved up money to buy a house of her own house. she is very shy, sweet, caring and kind soul. she works at café down the street. Xavier Romano is 24 years old. He is the Alpha of the silver moon pack. it is the most strongest, largest and wittiest pack around the world. he is a ruthless man. he shows little to no mercy. He do have a beautiful family. He has a mother and father who were the previous Alpha and Luna. He has been searching for his mate for 6 years now and has failed. ­­_____________________________________________________________ I saw his eyes changing from blue to pitch black. The sobs that left me became quiet fearing him. More tears started to leave my eyes. In a matter of seconds, he was standing in front of me. He nuzzled his head where my shoulder and neck meet. He starts sniffing me. The tears have yet to stop. "I have just found you and I am never letting you go. Not now. Not ever." he stated as he growled at the last. I started to cry more. Soon darkness engulfed me.


  • Paranormal
  • dominant
  • badboy
  • werewolves


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