Purple Don


Purple Don

Length: 08hrs 50mins 32 episodesCompleted
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Original music by (XXX)XXX-XXXXJoey Diamonds is on the verge of being a “made” man, with ice-cold blue eyes that pierce through the hearts of women … and men. After being disowned by his Mafia family, losing the love of his life, and realizing the world at large is his enemy, Joey throws extreme caution to the wind on his journey of self-debauchery in the name of fame and fortune.The Purple Don is the story of how self-destruction is never simply an internal state, and everyone around can be destroyed in the process. While Joey Diamonds takes over New York, Miami, and Hollywood—aligning with various mobs and nefarious gangs—we learn how the truly ruthless are never out to play checkers. It’s always a game of chess.


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