Discover Yin Yoga


Discover Yin Yoga

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A Yin Yoga practice brings so many benefits to both body and mind. It is soothing and nurturing and releases deep set tension to help improve range of movement and agility. It provides a time and space to help clear and focus the mind.Each class includes a different selection of Yin yoga postures. The body is gently moved while your attention is directed towards a slow steady flow of breath to deeply relax and help eliminate stress and tension from both body and mind.A regular Yin style yoga practice brings many additional benefits. These include improved posture, increased energy flow, balanced stress levels, enhanced sleep patterns, and increased feelings of health and vitality.Yin yoga will compliment other stronger or flowing yoga practices as well as many other physical activities. Practicing yoga in this way has a positive effect on both body and mind by balancing any stresses and strains experienced from day to day life with a sense of inner peace and serenity.


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