Bait Money


Bait Money

Length: 05hrs 05mins 26 episodesCompleted
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The mob couldn’t kill him, the cops couldn’t catch him, and even time wouldn’t slow him down. His name’s Nolan … a shrewd, restless tough guy with a talent for theft. With a lifetime of heists under his belt and a bullet in his side, he’s ready to retire. And the Mafia’s eager to help him along … permanently. They think he’s got a debt to pay—with his life. But after all these years, they might be willing to settle for 100 grand instead.Nolan’s got to pull a bank job to try to save his ass. Trouble is, the only people willing to help him are a kid whose idea of danger comes out of comic books, a punk as green as the grass he smokes, and a sweet young thing who gets her kicks playing one man off another … and another …It’s a desperate gamble—for the highest stakes—and Nolan’s down to his last chip …


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