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She was unconsciously laying on a comfortable king size bed. The silk red and black bed sheets hug her back of the body and she was covered with a comfy duvet. He was stunned with her mesmerized beauty, she slowly regain her consciousness back. She blinked her eyes few times and slowly open her eyes. But it is hard to open the eyes since the room lights are too heavy. Suddenly the lights got dim, and she felt really comfortable for her eyes. She was looking at the whole room carefully. Her head is aching like she was hit on a hard rock. Slowly she started to remember what the hell has happened with her. And then her eyes met with the most handsome man ever seen on her life. Who is he? Is he the one who kidnapped me? Can a kidnapper be so handsome like a Greek God? "Who are you? Wh….. what do you want from me? Please just d....on't k....ill me. I am begging you. I don't know you. I don't even see you in my entire life, Why are you doing this to me". She started to wiggle into the bed more. Her whole body is shaking and sweating like hell even in the A/C. He started to walk towards her with his heavy footsteps. With three long strides he sat on the bed. She went to the other corner of the bed so that he can’t touch him. Suddenly a low growl escaped from his mouth and she was startled. "P....lease sir t....ell me did I do anything wrong unwillingly, because if willingly I didn't hurt even for an ant in my life". Her whole body is shivering, and her eyes started to shine with the tears. He was looking at her with blank expression. "Angel", he called her with his husky voice. Shivers ran though her body. "You are my angel. My whole world. How can I kill you, how did you even think that I will do such a thing to my mate, I’ll did before that" "You are my mate, MINE" he said with a steady voice Zenya Fernando is a simple bubbly girl who is independent, doesn't like to spend a married life,open minded and want to spend her entire life without any man's protection or care. She is dreaming to have her own luxury life with a respectful career. Most of all she hates men. on the other hand Greyson Roberts Lockwood, a handsome billionaire who only can be equal to a Greek God in physical, the Alpha of the Redwood Warriors pack, who doesn't give a damn to any girl and desperate to find his mate soon. What will happen when these two meet according to the wish of the Moon goddess. Will they fell in love with each other? will their have a happy end? Why Zenya hates men so much? will they able to fight against the twists in their lives? Read the story to find out.


  • Fantasy
  • alpha
  • possessive
  • kidnap
  • sweet
  • supernatural
  • intersex


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