Classic Radio's Greatest Mystery Shows, Vol. 6


Classic Radio's Greatest Mystery Shows, Vol. 6

Length: 07hrs 48mins 16 episodesCompleted
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Enjoy sixteen of the greatest mystery shows from radio’s Golden Age and the Hollywood celebrities that starred in them.The Golden Age of radio had incredible mystery shows that kept Americans glued to their radio sets. Families gathered around their living room radios to hear their favorite Hollywood stars in spine-chilling radio mystery and horror. In this collection of sixteen episodes, you’ll hear Suspense, Inner Sanctum, Escape, Mystery in the Air, The Whistler, Lights Out!, and many more!The Black Museum, 1952 - “The Pink Powder Puff”The Crime Club, 5/29/47 - “Murder Makes a Mummy”Escape, 1/31/50 - “Present Tense” Inner Sanctum Mystery, 1/23/45 - “Death Is an Artist” Lights Out!, 8/3/46 - “The Revenge of India” The Lux Radio Theatre, 4/9/45 - “The Suspect” (1 hour) Mystery House, 5/26/46 - “Bury Me Not” Mystery In the Air, 9/4/47 - “The Mask of Medusa” Mystery Is My Hobby, 1949 - “Snowbound” Strange Wills, 5/16/47 - “Dance Director” Suspense, 8/17/44 - “The Diary of Sophronia Winters” Suspense, 9/7/44 - “Voyage through Darkness” The Unexpected, 8/1/47 - “Finale” (15 minutes) The Weird Circle, 1/30/44 - “The Tell-Tale Heart” The Whistler, 9/24/47 - “Sleep My Pretty One” WhiteHall 1212, 6/29/52 - “The Case of the Weed Eradication”


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