Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, Vol. 5


Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, Vol. 5

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Johnny Dollar was America’s fabulous freelance insurance investigator. Enjoy sixteen of his greatest cases from radio’s Golden Age!The Golden Age of radio had incredible detective shows that kept Americans glued to their radio sets. Families gathered around their living room radios to hear their favorite detective find out “who done it?” From 1949 until 1962, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar was one of the most popular detective shows on the air. Dollar was an insurance investigator who received a cut of the money he saved his agency for proving an insurance claim was not on the level. His insurance cases usually led to murder and a beautiful woman. Many actors played the role of Johnny Dollar over the years. This collection of sixteen half-hour adventures stars Edmond O’Brien, John Lund, and Bob Bailey as Dollar.12/17/49 - “The Haiti Adventure” 4/11/50 - “The Dead First Helpers” 11/18/50 - “The Nora Falkner Matter” 5/5/51 - “The Virginia Towne Matter” 9/19/51 - “The Cuban Jewel Matter” 2/16/53 - “The Chicago Fraud Matter” 4/7/53 - “The Enoch Arden Matter” 8/11/57 - “The Killer’s Brand Matter” 9/28/58 - “The Gruesome Spectacle Matter” 2/8/59 - “The Date with Death Matter” 4/17/60 - “The Deadly Swamp Matter” 6/26/60 - “The Wholly Unexpected Matter” 7/3/60 - “The Collector’s Matter” 3/5/61 - “The Morning After Matter” 4/9/61 - “The Captain’s Table Matter” 5/28/61 - “The Yaak Mystery Matter”


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