Drama Shows from the Golden Age of Radio, Vol. 2


Drama Shows from the Golden Age of Radio, Vol. 2

Length: 07hrs 32mins 16 episodesCompleted
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Enjoy sixteen of the greatest drama episodes from the Golden Age of radio in this collection spanning 1946 to 1952.This collection contains sixteen of the greatest drama shows ever broadcast during the Golden Age of radio, including episodes of Cloak & Dagger, Dragnet, Escape, and many others. Relive the best radio drama shows from yesterday and the legendary stars that made them amazing in this incredible collection.The Adventures of Frank Race, 10/25/49 - “The Adventure of the Mormon Country”The Black Museum, 1952 - “The Notes”Bold Venture, 1951 - “Tommy Haven”Box Thirteen, 2/13/48 - “The Sad Night”Cloak & Dagger, 9/29/50 - “The Last Mission”The Columbia Workshop, 4/13/46 - “Joe Peabody’s Dream”The Crime Club, 4/10/47 - “Grey Mist Murders”Curtain Time, 3/15/47 - “A Bridge for Martha”Danger Doctor Danfield, 2/16/47 - “The Case of the Darkened Face”Dragnet, 5/11/50 - “The Big Knife”Escape, 11/1/49 - “Flood on the Goodwins”The Lives of Harry Lime, 1/25/52 - “Five Thousand Pengoes and a Kiss”Mr. President, 7/31/49 - “Call to Duty”Out of the Deep, 2/16/46 - “Hawaiian Islands”Presenting Charles Boyer, 9/28/50 - “The Clock”Rocky Jordan, 11/6/49 - “Black Ball”


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