Rough Cut


Rough Cut

Length: 09hrs 09mins 45 episodesCompleted
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Riley Vasher hasn’t spoken to her friend Piper Kingsley for years … now she’s making a documentary about her murder.Documentary filmmaker Riley Vasher has been living a low-key life on the island of Oahu with her long-time boyfriend Brody. This all changes when Brody overhears on his police scanner that popular TV weathergirl Piper Kingsley has been murdered.When Piper’s boyfriend, Ethan Jakes, is arrested for the crime, a high-profile murder trial is sure to follow—and Riley and Brody sense their chance to make a name for themselves.Riley convinces Ethan she can help him if they make a documentary about the trial, and recommends the brilliant but eccentric defense lawyer Nicholas Church. But as the trial nears and Riley becomes personally involved in the case, the lines of truth soon begin to blur and she finds herself becoming part of the story.


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