Alpha's Dancer Mate(Book 4 of Mate Series)


Alpha's Dancer Mate(Book 4 of Mate Series)

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Book 4 of Mate Series **Standalone/Completed** "Who are you?" she asked as I felt my heart shatter to pieces. 10 years and she forgot me... I searched her beautiful grey eyes not believing she would forget me. Maybe she was pretending to not know me. I was the one to blame for breaking her heart. But all it held was confusion. "Who are you?" she repeated as I put my hand on her cheek. "Your KitKat" Alan Richard, Alpha to the strongest American pack, the moon shade pack. He is also the richest young Billionaire who always ends up on cover pages. He is known as a player who messed around with many girls but his heart only belonged to one. His Winter. Winter Stone's life was not full of unicorns and rainbows. Well, it was at first when she was madly in love with her KitKat. They were the ideal school couple, the one everyone was jealous of. She wanted to be a star dancer. But all her dreams shattered when he left breaking her heart. Years of a traumatized life, she finally got over him. Or so she thought. Now 10 years later he is back to get his mate. But will she accept him back? What will happen when she finds out that the guy she loves is a werewolf? Mate Series Book 1: Alpha's Magical Mate(Completed) Book 2: Beta's Second Chance(Completed) Book 3: Female Alpha's Human Mate(Completed) Book 4: Alpha's Dancer Mate(Completed) Book 5: Sorcerer's Dying Mate(Completed)


  • Paranormal
  • fated
  • second chance
  • playboy
  • arrogant
  • kickass heroine
  • drama
  • bxg


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