Heart Of A Lycan King


Heart Of A Lycan King

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Natasha Maina Gladys is a two colored wolf from the Malakari pack in the kingdom of Zambele. Rumored to be cursed and unwanted by her mate, the Alpha, Natasha's life took an entirely different turn from how she had always dreamt of it. At least, that was until the arrival of the Lycan king... * I was abruptly pulled and I found it was the King. His eyes were bloodshot, getting darker than I had seen them the first time. He pulled me outside into the now hot sun and straight towards the black BMW parked alongside other cars.                             "Wait," I called as I halted and refused to move. I wasn't about to suffer another wave of pain from rejection. Or abuse. No, this time, I would be doing the rejection. "We can do this here. You don't have to take me with you," I said.                             He puckered his brows, a disturbing look crossing his face. I pulled my hand from his hold, and his gaze dropped to the action.                             "What...."                             "The rejection," I instantly cut him off.                             "What rejection?" he asked, covering the little distance between us.                             "I, Natasha Gladys, reject you, King..." I paused, realizing that I didn't know his name. I knew the name of the former king, but not this one. "Uh-huh, can you please tell me your full name?" I mumbled shyly, glancing up at him. * Follow Natasha along as she embarks on a journey of healing and discovers just what it means to open herself up and slowly become the Heart of A Lycan King.


  • Fantasy
  • possessive
  • second chance
  • kickass heroine
  • luna
  • bxg
  • mystery
  • werewolves
  • football
  • rejected
  • slow burn


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