Drama Shows from the Golden Age of Radio, Vol. 4


Drama Shows from the Golden Age of Radio, Vol. 4

Length: 07hrs 34mins 16 episodesCompleted
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Enjoy sixteen of the greatest drama episodes from the Golden Age of radio in this collection spanning 1944 to 1956.This collection contains sixteen of the greatest drama shows ever broadcast during the Golden Age of radio, including episodes of The Big Story, Let George Do It, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, and many others. Relive the best radio drama shows from yesterday and the legendary stars that made them amazing in this incredible collection.The Big Story, 11/26/47 - “The Case of the Unfinished Love Song” The CBS Radio Workshop, 12/2/56 - “The Day the Roof Fell In” Cloak & Dagger, 6/25/50 - “Direct Line to Bombers” Curtain Time, 3/20/48 - “Mr. Worthington” The Damon Runyon Theatre, 2/6/49 - “The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown” Dangerous Assignment, 5/17/50 - “Arabia – Oil” Defense Attorney, 8/17/51 - “The Case of Peter Lynch” Gang Busters, 12/27/47 - “The Case of the Triple Threat Bandit” I Was There, 4/29/45 - “Ernie Pyle” Let George Do It, 2/5/51 - “Tongalonie” Mr. District Attorney, 2/7/45 - “Oil Swindlers” Romance, 6/2/52 - “Monte Carlo” Suspense, 2/17/49 - “Catch Me If You Can” Voyage of the Scarlet Queen, 12/17/47 - “Red Beard and the Bag of Pearls” X Minus One, 5/1/56 - “Sea Legs” Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, 11/25/56 - “The Royal Street Matter”


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