Full Bodied (A Ruby Steele Cozy Mystery—Book 3)


Full Bodied (A Ruby Steele Cozy Mystery—Book 3)

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FULL BODIED is book #3 in the Ruby Steele Mystery, which begins with ON THE ROCKS (Book #1). Ruby Steele, 30, beautiful, fit, seems just like any other ex-pat hiding out in the Bahamas and playing local bartender. But unruly patrons find out the hard way: Ruby is a mixed-martial-arts pro, and not one you’d want to cross. Ruby’s known for making friend in bad places. And her newest friend, a bouncer at the brothel next door, is no exception. When he comes to her with a sob story, she can’t turn away. When that story turns to a body he found this morning, Ruby sits up straighter. When it turns out that body belonged to a trafficked teenaged girl, Ruby’s sense of justice is lit. Ruby’s gotta solve this one, for her own need to set wrongs right. Problem is, the cops don’t care, and this case will surely take her to some bad places, and up against some bad people. That may just include a billionaire with his own private yacht—and his own private army. It’s not like Ruby doesn’t have an army of her own coming after her. The last thing Ruby needs right now is a two-front war. But it looks like that’s exactly what she’s going to get. No one said Ruby’s judgement was good. Then again, if it was, she wouldn’t be hiding out in the Bahamas, tending bar, with a monkey on her shoulder and an enemy list a mile long. Welcome to the Bahamian world of Ruby Steele, replete with her local dive bar, her wily pet monkey, her major drinking problem, her (way) too many fights, her inability to get herself out of trouble, and her fists made of stone. Ruby’s life is a complete wreck. But there’s one thing she’s good at: capturing your heart. FULL BODIED (A RUBY STEELE MYSTERY) is book #3 in a page-turning mystery/thriller series, one that will linger with you long after the last page is read. Future books in the series will be available soon!


  • Suspense/Thriller
  • secrets
  • crime


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