My True Mate: Book 4


My True Mate: Book 4

Length: 06hrs 23mins 52 episodesCompleted
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On the night of her first shift, Sarah, 18, expects everything to change—and a lifetime with the Alpha. But one thing happens that she doesn’t expect. She fails to shift. In an instant, Sarah loses everything: her pack, her mate, and her future. An outcast in the woods, Sarah wonders about the mysterious rogue who haunts the den’s perimeters. But she is just a human now. Sarah struggles to balance her allegiance between her former pack and her new existence as a human. In the fourth and final book of the series, Sarah might just find the answers she’s been searching for. Can she enter into a forbidden romance with a wolf? And who, in the end, is her true mate?


  • Paranormal
  • alpha
  • fated
  • werewolves


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