Not Like This (An Ilse Beck FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 4)


Not Like This (An Ilse Beck FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 4)

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When FBI Special Agent Ilse Beck’s patients turn up dead in string of suicides, she suspects something more nefarious. Has a serial killer from her past—the one she fears the most—returned? In this bestselling mystery series, FBI Special Agent Ilse Beck, victim of a traumatic childhood in Germany, moved to the U.S. to become a renowned psychologist specializing in PTSD, and the world’s leading expert in the unique trauma of serial-killer survivors. By studying the psychology of their survivors, Ilse has a unique and unparalleled expertise in the true psychology of serial killers. Ilse never expected, though, to become an FBI agent herself. But even FBI agents are not invulnerable, especially when targeted by serial killers. And it just may be, that Ilse herself is next on this killer’s list. A dark and suspenseful crime thriller, the bestselling ILSE BECK series is a breathtaking page-turner, an unputdownable mystery and suspense novel. A compelling and perplexing psychological thriller, rife with twists and jaw-dropping secrets, it will make you fall in love with a brilliant new female protagonist, while it keeps you shocked late into the night. NOT LIKE THIS (An Ilse Beck FBI Suspense Thriller) is book #4 in a new series by bestselling mystery and suspense author Ava Strong. Books #5-#7 in the series—NOT LIKE SHE THOUGHT, NOT LIKE BEFORE, and NOT LIKE NORMAL—are also available.


  • Suspense/Thriller
  • murder
  • FBI
  • crime
  • serial-killer


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