My Contracted Billionaire Husband


My Contracted Billionaire Husband

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WARNING: MATURE ROMANTIC CONTENT AHEAD. They were cities apart. They never met each other. Yet, they were tied together by a booklet. ---------- Carlos White wanted nothing to do with women after having his heart badly crushed by his Ex. However, in order to fulfill his mother's dying wish, He got married to an unknown woman. Katherina Hayes needed Money to save her dying father. She signed a six months marriage agreement with a man she never knew or met What happened when Carlos suddenly met Rina at one of his company and he fell in love with her but discovered that she was married? What will Rina do when she finds out that her new boss is actually her unknown Husband? What will Rina do when Carlos asked for the Marriage expiry period to be extended? Find out in this Passion Filled book.


  • billionaire
  • love-triangle
  • contract marriage
  • escape while being pregnant
  • love after marriage
  • second chance
  • pregnant
  • drama
  • bxg
  • love at the first sight
  • Romance


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