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ROMERO + AKIRA = ROMIRA Romira, A tale of a broken girl and a damaged boy. Akira Ray, a good girl, she is a straight 'A' student, away from violence and is preparing herself for tough college years, but what she hasn't prepared herself for is Romero King. He is bad news. He is everything she is not. But when magnetic sparks are impossible to deny, she doesn't know what her future holds anymore. "My life stumbled down with just one look from him. My world went blank from just one of his kiss. And I knew, I could never be same again, I knew I had to face many more heartache. "But what I didn't know that at the end he would be worth my everything." **************** Copyright: akankshajais123. All right reserved.


  • possessive
  • sex
  • arrogant
  • badboy
  • goodgirl
  • drama
  • bxg
  • first love
  • slow burn
  • Romance


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