Lad: A Dog


Lad: A Dog

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This is a collection of heart-warming short stories about a courageous rough collie that lived in what was called the Place on Sunnybank Farm near Pompton Lakes, New Jersey. Lad was a real-life dog, but author Terhune took liberties to tell fictional tales about his favorite pet.These became vital parts of classic literature that captured dog-lover imaginations for more than a century as even the fiction had an intense feeling of reality. As owner of the actual location, Terhune was referred to as the Master and his wife as Mistress. Both of them had the fondest of feelings for Lad, who died at about age sixteen. Terhune wrote, “Yes, Lad was a ‘real’ dog, the greatest dog by far I have known or shall know.”Buried on the grounds, Lad’s granite marker reads, “LAD, Thoroughbred in body and soul.” Join us as we listen to these wonderfully sentimental stories.


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