Taming My Special Forces Husband


Taming My Special Forces Husband

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Rena's life has changed dramatically since her FBI parents were killed.She suddenly lost her family and was told that she was to be sent to her fiance. What? When did she get a fiance? Rena learned that her fiance is the son of a senior U.S. Special Forces officer. He attended West Point and was rebellious, arrogant and handsome. Well, Rena is not interested in whether he is attractive, she just longed for finding her missing brother, breaking off her marriage and joining the FBI. But on Rena's first day in New York, a tall, cold man stood in front of her and rudely ordered her to stop. Rena stood in the snow, only to shed tears in silence. The man disdained to reply, "Do you know who I am? Anyone in New York knows me Carlos Wilson! I need a wife now, and you are so lucky to be chosen by me!" Rena stood there, her eyes wide with shock, her heart pounding almost out of her chest. Carlos Wilson! God must be playing a joke on her. Is that her fiance, Carlos Wilson?


  • FBI
  • love after marriage
  • arranged marriage
  • dominant
  • badboy
  • goodgirl
  • drama
  • bxg
  • city
  • husband
  • Romance


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