The Blind Billionaire


The Blind Billionaire

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Responsible for her little sister after their parents death a year ago after a car accident. Sout-African Lisa Saunders take her little sister on a vication to Italy Rome to get away from all the sadness and everyday reminder of their parents, but then tragedy strikes and Lisa's sister urgently needs to undergo a very expensive operation - Lisa don't have that kind of money for the operation. Will Lilani live long enough for Lisa to get the money for the operation, and will the five year old survive the operation if her sister gets the money? This is the sitsuation in which Lisa Saunders finds herself. An encounter with the Mancini's offers a way out - a very unique one. Lisa did't think she wil ever have to make a life changing desicion let alone marry an arrogant, ruthless man who think all women are lying, gold diggers. She always dreamed of marrying a man that will treat her with respect and kindness, just how her father treated her mother for twenty-seven- years. Lisa accept Mrs Mancini's proposal to marry her arrogant grandson to save her sister's life, but trouble is lurking around the coner. When Bianca Lombardi, ex fiance of Allesandro who left him because of his blindness, shows up unexpectedly and wants Alessandro and his money back. Will she succeed? She will go to any length to get Allesandro even murder? Will Lisa win Allesandro Mancini's heart or will she leave the country heart broken.


  • billionaire
  • sex
  • contract marriage
  • love after marriage
  • arrogant
  • CEO
  • illness
  • sassy
  • virgin
  • gorgeous
  • Romance


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