Dracula's Munchkin.


Dracula's Munchkin.

Length: 09hrs 35mins 69 episodesCompleted
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You see that castle over there, Dracula lives there, yeah Dracula the real thing. He owns this town, he own this whole place. He asks for a girl, sometimes boys even, every year, decade, year, there’s no real meaning to his madness but people are too afraid of his rage to say no. He haven’t asked for anyone for the last decade, until today, he wants someone, a girl again. No one knows if she’ll survive the night or live forever, would she be the one or not. Prince Vladimir, prince of Romania, known to everyone as Dracula, a cursed monster who’s destined to live alone for eternity, except he still tries to break the curse to find the little one he lost eternity ago. A cursed love story, a story that was never meant to happen but who are we to stand in the face of real love. Even the monsters can be saved with love. Warning: this story contains d**g, age regression, and some smut scenes.


  • Paranormal
  • dark
  • possessive
  • age gap
  • dominant
  • king
  • bxg
  • royal
  • small town


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