Dating My Roommate


Dating My Roommate

Length: 10hrs 28mins 46 episodesCompleted
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Completed After a particularly bad breakup and being put on academic probation, Darcy Perkins heads into her senior year of college with one thing on her mind, to graduate with her bachelor's degree and to get a decent job afterwards. However, when her meddling roommate brings someone home with her at the end of the summer, Darcy's resolve to stay focused on school falters. When she finally gives in and dives headfirst into this unexpected relationship, Darcy's whisked into a whirlwind of complications. Fleeing from his dream come true turned nightmare, Mark Grant takes his cousin up on the offer to move in with her and her roommate in hopes that he will be able to finally let go and move on. When he finds himself in the same situation as before, it's up to him to stop his dream from being ripped away. Can Mark and Darcy overcome the hurdles thrown in their path? Will a controlling parent, an annoying ex, and an unexpected surprise stop them from finding happiness?


  • family
  • friends to lovers
  • pregnant
  • playboy
  • goodgirl
  • student
  • drama
  • bxg
  • roommates
  • Romance


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