The Witch And Her Alpha Mate


The Witch And Her Alpha Mate

Length: 12hrs 46mins 55 episodesCompleted
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Taylor and Duncan have been in love with each other since they were little. Duncan is the future Alpha of the Stone Creek pack. Taylor is a witch. But only her father and Duncan know that about her. Everyone else thinks that she is human. Taylor left the night before Duncan turned eighteen. Because she could not take seeing him with someone else. Burt, Duncan's father told him he could not mate with Taylor because she is a weak human. So for almost two years, he sends Duncan to different packs to find his Mate. Something bad happens and brings Taylor home. After she returns a lot of secrets come to the surface. Alpha Gomez is planning to make Taylor his Mate. Her stepsister wants her dead. Taylor discovers who she really is.


  • Fantasy
  • alpha
  • sex
  • powerful
  • witch/wizard
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • pack
  • first love
  • witchcraft


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