Great Impersonation


Great Impersonation

Length: 08hrs 26mins 29 episodesCompleted
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This is a classic novel of espionage and sinister intrigue that are also connected with an unexpected intrusion of irresistible romance. Written in 1920, it deals with elements of WWI that tell of saboteurs having infiltrated England.A German advocate of the Kaiser discovers he is a facial/physical match for young Englishman Everard Dominey, who is near death after harrowing experiences in Africa. The remarkable doppelgänger resemblance leads Major-General Baron Leopold Von Ragastein to infiltrate the UK in perfect disguise. He wants to lead his country’s efforts as Europe is racing toward war. Part of the plan is to murder Dominey and have the Baron take his place in English society.The Oppenheim tale of escapism and subterfuge becomes more baffling when the listener follows the story without knowing whether Leopold is posing as Everard or not. The convoluted plot makes it one of the most entertaining spy novels. Listen now and learn about the planned impersonation.


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