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It was the first half an hour of a new year. Everyone was home celebrating except for one single woman who travelled in the middle of the night pushing her horse through the deserted area. This night was very special and except this strange woman, no one else knew about how much special it was. The horse was running at his maximum pace and already compare to any ordinary horses he was extremely fast. The woman lifted her head looking up at the moon anxiously and nervously, this single motion caused that the cape covering her head fell back freeing her long silvery-white hair leaving them to flatter behind her as the veil. She welcomed the cold air wheezing around her ears cooling her face trying the sweat that was covering her forehead. The night was warm and being deeper in the southern area without any snow or ice. She closed her eyes for a second before turning her tired eyes back up to the moon. 'It will not take much longer' she thought for herself before putting her cape back leaning closer to the horse mane starting quiet incantation directly into his ear. In less than an hour, the moon will be perfectly synchronised with the sun and a planet. One perfect line. Thanks to this event the moon was slowly changing it's colour to red and its power were gradually increasing the closer they were to their positions. She leaned even closer to horse's neck, almost lying down on his back as he was pushing more into his speed. If there would be someone able to see them, he would be definitely scared or maybe surprised by their unnatural speed. She kept chanting all the time now to increase the speed even more. She needs to arrive at her destination before the moon reaches its position. Before the red moon reaches its peak. The Red Full Moon is happening once in a few generations or one could say once in a millennium and she can't afford to miss it, to be late. She has to hurry if she wants to make it on time. The horse reached his maximum speed and his hooves are barely touching the ground. One would say he was flying right above it.


  • Fantasy
  • dark
  • powerful
  • brave
  • drama
  • tragedy
  • superpower
  • witchcraft
  • rebirth/reborn
  • supernatural
  • special ability


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