Hard of Desire


Hard of Desire

Length: 19hrs 58mins 89 episodesCompleted
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Never in her life, she ever even dreamed about getting f****d into a marriage by her own parents. Hanna's life becomes upside down when her parents fixed her marriage to someone she has loathed since she was a chubby little girl. Not moving on from her brother's tragic death, Hanna suffers in silence. She couldn't let herself be happy without her brother. To Declan, he was more than happy to marry Hanna. He tries to woo her but she pushes him away. He tries to make her happy but she is unwilling. He tries everything he can to make her fall in love with him but she is hard-headed. But, above all, he tries to protect her. He made a promise and he intends to keep it. He will protect her at any cost. "You may hate me now, but one day you won't," He said after a few moments of peaceful silence, "And that day, you'll be the happiest girl to ever walk on this planet" He vowed to me, taking my hand in his. Would their marriage stand strong despite everything? Would their marriage stand strong when a stalker who is obsessed with Hanna tries to ruin everything?


  • revenge
  • family
  • age gap
  • arranged marriage
  • brave
  • drama
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • witty
  • Romance


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