Drama Shows from the Golden Age of Radio, Vol. 6


Drama Shows from the Golden Age of Radio, Vol. 6

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Enjoy sixteen of the greatest drama episodes from the Golden Age of radio in this collection spanning 1938 to 1953. This collection contains sixteen of the greatest drama shows ever broadcast during the Golden Age of radio, including episodes of Dragnet, Escape, Gunsmoke, and many others. Relive the best radio drama shows from yesterday and the legendary stars that made them amazing in this incredible collection.Full contents:Defense Attorney, 4/10/52 - “Joshua Masters” Dr. Christian, 1/2/38 - “The Kidnapped Husband” Dragnet, 9/7/50 - “The Big Poison” Escape, 7/28/49 - “The Second-Class Passenger” Frontier Town, 5/29/53 - “Bullets for Boot Hill” Great Scenes from Great Plays, 2/4/49 - “The World We Make” Gunsmoke, 12/12/52 - “Post Martin” The Man Called X, 12/16/50 - “Information Leak in Strasburg” The Man from Homicide, 9/17/51 - “The Lucille Forbes Case” Mr. President, 8/7/49 - “Tariff Troubles” Rocky Jordan, 5/14/50 - “Congo Copper” Romance, 1/8/53 - “False Holiday” Strange Wills #24 - “Death Has Ten Words” The Weird Circle, 11/21/43 - “The Man without a Country” The Whistler, 9/7/52 - “Secret of Chalk Point” Voyage of the Scarlet Queen, 11/20/47 - “Beautiful Girl in the Bargain Basement”


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