Roy Rogers Show, Vol. 1


Roy Rogers Show, Vol. 1

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America’s Favorite Cowboy, Roy Rogers, stars in sixteen rip-roaring western radio adventures from the early 1950s!Cowboy actor and singer Roy Rogers galloped his way across the plains, always ready to apprehend cattle thieves, break up a diamond-smuggling ring, thwart bank robbers, or rescue a kidnap victim. The Roy Rogers Show premiered on radio in 1944 with Roy’s real-life wife Dale Evans at his side. Youngsters were enthralled by the program’s mix or great music, cozy campfire evenings, and Western drama, with comic turns from Roy’s sidekick, George “Gabby” Hayes. In later years Pat Brady, a zany camp cook in a few of Roy’s movies, replaced Gabby as Roy’s sidekick. Unlike other cowboy western radio shows of the day, The Roy Rogers Show featured cars and telephones, and the audience was only too willing to suspend disbelief. Enjoy sixteen of Roy’s greatest radio adventures!10/12/51 - “Ed Bailey’s Bad Luck” 10/19/51 - “Jake Gullick Threatens Doug Manson” 11/2/51 - “Captured and Forced to Talk” 11/23/51 - “The Dibona Gang” 11/30/51 - “The Map of Death” 12/28/51 - “Bill Palmer Registers in Dale’s Hotel” 1/4/52 - “Andy Sales Plans to Surrender” 2/8/52 - “Loco Weed” 2/15/52 - “Gold Camp and Winding Creek” 2/22/52 - “Hideaway” 2/29/52 - “Professor Douglas Mason” 3/14/52 - “The Lee Bulow Gang” 4/4/52 - “Frogs” 4/11/52 - “Evidence” 4/28/52 - “Paradise Valley Sweepstakes” 9/18/52 - “Red Danger and Black Gold”


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