Love's Broken Road


Love's Broken Road

Length: 09hrs 14mins 49 episodesCompleted
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Dakota is a broken-hearted country boy. His now ex-fiancee left out of the blue with no explanation why. Alone and broken, he's not sure what to do anymore. Not ready to move on but not wanting to be alone. Shea is the new girlfriend of Dakota's best friend. She develops a soft spot for Dakota after learning about his situation. She makes it her mission to put Dakota's life back together. Along the way, they both help each other navigate the twists and turns of love's broken road. Little does she know she may have started them both down a path that will lead them to somewhere neither of them would have even guessed.


  • sex
  • friends to lovers
  • sensitive
  • self-improved
  • drama
  • cowboy
  • multi-character
  • small town
  • friendship
  • Romance


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