Truth or Dare


Truth or Dare

Length: 05hrs 47mins 54 episodesCompleted
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Jess Roberts thought she had a good life with Esias. Despite all the chaos of their kids and her taking classes, they still seemed to keep it together, even if she does feel neglected and a little trapped in her life. Then fellow student Jayson Winston comes into the picture … and rocks her world.Jess finds herself tangled up in an innocent game of email truth or dare with the alluring Jayson, which heightens with every exchange and finally explodes in a massive affair. Jess soon realizes she needs to save her good marriage and tries to cut all ties with Jayson—and that’s when the real truth comes to the surface. He’s not willing to let Jess go without a fight, and her daring to leave him could mean losing everything she loves …


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