Christianity and Wokeness


Christianity and Wokeness

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In a world that is “woke,” how many Christians are actually awake? This short, theologically sound primer is a resource for pastors, ministry leaders, community leaders, and other thinking Christians that explains carefully and clearly what Critical Race Theory and wokeness truly are, what the Bible teaches about race and ethnicity, why wokeness is distinct from Christianity and should be rejected, and how the church can work for unity based in the gospel of grace.Owen Strachan is a respected Reformed theologian and thought leader who can help Christians:Better understand Critical Race Theory, something very few do;Understand the high stakes—for the church and society at large—of wokeness as a movement;Think through America’s complex past with nuance and sensitivity;Study how God has made humanity one through the imago Dei;Grasp the beauty of the biblical doctrine of ethnicity and “race”; andBe ready to work for unity in perilous times


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