Innocence of Father Brown


Innocence of Father Brown

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A fictional priest and amateur detective named Father Brown had a face once described “as round and dull as a Norfolk dumpling.” This made him appear somewhat clumsy and naïve, but that didn’t take into account his keen understanding of human nature and exceptional intuition. English writer G. K. Chesterton created the character, writing fifty-three short stories over the years and gaining widespread popularity, later on TV as well. All of the stories you’re about to hear were originally printed in the Saturday Evening Post magazine, with the first in 1910. Those tales are as follows:“The Blue Cross”“The Secret Garden”“The Queer Feet”“The Flying Stars”“The Invisible Man”“The Honour of Israel Gow”“The Wrong Shape”“The Sins of Prince Saradine”“The Hammer of God”“The Eye of Apollo”“The Sign of the Broken Sword”“The Three Tools of Death”


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