Return of Vaman


Return of Vaman

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This collection of science fiction writings by Jayant V. Narlikar offers readers a unique glimpse into the world-famous Indian astrophysicist’s vivid and highly imaginative concepts and stories.The witty short story “The Rare Idol of Ganesha” cleverly explores the possible consequences of a mirror-symmetric individual in the context of cricket test match performances. The fast-paced, gripping science fiction thriller The Return of Vaman explores what happens when an alien container is unearthed by a crew of scientists. The enormous potential technological applications of its contents bring various criminal elements on the scene—but when the real danger becomes apparent it is almost too late to save humanity.Last but not least, the audiobook provides readers with extensive insights into the genesis and scientific background of the fictional material presented in this volume, along with an autobiographical account of the author’s lifelong interest in science fiction and his contributions to the genre.


  • Science Fiction


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