My Powerful Luna


My Powerful Luna

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***WARNING THIS BOOK CONTAINS EXPLICIT SCENES, VIOLENCE, AND VULGAR LANGUAGE*** Victoria Evans is on the run after seeing all the evil things that her pack has been doing to the she-wolves who come of age. A few days before she turned 18 and got her wolf, she had an issue with the beta of the pack. After a physical fight with the evil beta, she barely got away alive. She ran right into the arms of her mate who promises to protect her from everything and anything. What happens when the one looking for her is also her mate? Join Victoria's story as she learns her true identity while trying to protect herself and her loved ones. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Maximo, is that blood?” I asked him ready to defend myself! Maybe someone broke into my territory? Our neighboring pack is a bit strange and does questionable business but that's on the counsel to investigate. “Yes, it is blood, but we need to find out who smells like caramel! I want to eat them up!” Really dude? Forget our safety! I rolled my eyes at him. I swear my wolf is so horny. He isn't f**king concerned of the blood that could mean danger is near, but focused on the delicious scent. Though I must admit that the scent is clouding my judgement. Maybe finding the scent isn't a bad idea... “Oh but I'm the horny one!” I rolled my eyes and continued following the wonderful scent but at the same time not letting my guard down. Unfortunately, the closer we got, the stronger the smell of blood got too! I froze when I saw her! So the scent is from a she-wolf."Of course! Who else? You f**king tard!" Maximo grumbled. I just ignored him as I was too consumed in concern to argue with him. She looked so fragile laying on the ground! I looked at the small, injured brunette and felt immense pain in my chest. I got closer but looked around to make sure no one was near to attack us. She had scratches all over her body making it clear that she was probably running away from danger. I felt an immense pull to this tiny she-wolf and couldn't keep myself from walking closer to her. “Mate.” Maximo finally whimpered. Of course she has to be mate as her scent brought me towards her from miles away. I shifted immediately to pick her up. Her face and body were covered in dirt and injuries. She was unconscious but shaking in my arms. When I moved her hand from her side, my eyes went wide in shock and fear. She had two deep cuts that were bleeding nonstop and seemed very fresh. She looked so pale that it broke my heart even more. My poor baby!


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