Her Poisonous Tongue


Her Poisonous Tongue

Length: 12hrs 27mins 67 episodesCompleted
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After years of living in Johannesburg, 21-year-old Leleti Miles poses as Letti Millings and moves back to a small town that she was born, in the Eastern Cape where her parents died 10 years ago. In her quest to continue her parents' legacy and avenge their death, she finds more than she bargained for in the person she least expected. All she wanted was to learn the ropes then make her parents proud by taking over the family business and turning it into something big. But all that changed when she found herself slowly falling madly in love with not only the Billionaire in town but also her ice cold competition. A woman who is said to have never been in love ever since her heart was broken. As the love grows for her enemy and she learns more about how her parents died will she be able to continue with what she initially came here for or will her feelings lead her to a different path?


  • LGBT+
  • revenge
  • manipulative
  • badgirl
  • kickass heroine
  • billionairess
  • drama
  • gxg
  • small town
  • enimies to lovers
  • lies


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