Nephilim:Supernatural Bad Boys IV


Nephilim:Supernatural Bad Boys IV

Length: 11hrs 28mins 44 episodesCompleted
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Kell Cross is an Arcata Highs' bad boy. However, he holds one secret. He's a Nephilim and he's in love with a human girl. After suffering the pain of loss and seeing his brother Mikhail suffer for his love Nevaeh— he decides that it's better if he denies his love. But fate has other plans for him. Amara is beautiful, smart, and completely in love with Kell. All she wants is to live out her dream of being a photographer and getting out from under her parent’s overbearing rules. When her body suffers debilitating visions of ritualistic deaths and Armageddon; Kell is the only one that can save her...


  • Paranormal
  • fated
  • opposites attract
  • arrogant
  • badboy
  • goodgirl
  • kickass heroine
  • drama


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