Littles Academy


Littles Academy

Length: 12hrs 06mins 72 episodesCompleted
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The year is 2996, vampires are a thing now, they aren’t nice vegetarian who shines in the sun. They are killers, cold-blooded killers who can’t even walk in the sun.Humans aren’t enslaved, not fully or not yet. We are left on our own except few who aren’t that lucky, at your Sixteen Birthday you can be chosen to belong to a vampire. Lucius is Royalty, he’s a decedent from Lord Dracula himself. Austin works in a club to survive, Rosalia a girl who had it all, or that’s how it seems. They are brought together in unusual circumstances, sent to a school where they’ll learn to be a dominant daddy dom to be precise, and a little, two littles. Watch their worlds collide in an unusual adventure full of love, hate, and possessiveness. This story is a DDLG/DDLB story, you’ve been warned.


  • Fantasy
  • dominant
  • kinky
  • sweet
  • bisexual
  • vampire
  • punishment


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